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I had an appointment today with Dr. Dibner after an a nasty incident involving a half popped kernel of popcorn (broken tooth). This appointment was my first after nearly 10 years since my last trip to the dentist, so you can guess that I’m not a big fan. My call for appointment, my arrival and interaction with reception, my initial review, and of course my treatment with Dr. Dibner were all fantastic! They were patient and so understanding of my dental anxiety. The feeling was not rushed, truly caring, and professional while also casual throughout our time. And by the way, 2.5 hours later I left with a new crown on the broken tooth. One visit, painless, caring, and just NICE … I couldn’t have asked for more. I am now happy to say I have a great dentist and will be back for regular visits going forward.

Fox R.

I recently had dental implant surgery at “Newington Family Dentistry”. I was blessed and fortunate to have the surgery done by the expert hands of Dr. Aurora Dibner and her dental assistant Nazifa. Dr. Dibner is by far the best Prosthodontist I have ever encountered and her dental assistant Nazifa is equally amazing. I have serious medical issues and they both went above and beyond to keep me safe and comfortable during the procedure. They were both caring, supportive, compassionate, protective and committed to being sure the implant went well and that I’d heal without incident. I did heal well thanks to them both. Honestly, I was nervous and afraid to have this procedure done with my medical issues. Dr. Dibner calmly and kindly explained everything in detail, took her time and by the end of our conversation I knew I was going to do what needed to be done. I fully trusted them both and am very grateful to Dr. Dibner and Nazifa for all their help and hard work. I would be remiss if I didn’t give special thanks to every single staff member at “NFD”. At every appointment I always feel I am among friends. Everyone is warm, kind, helpful and just wonderful! Dr. Dibner and Dr. Adamidis are the best. Thanks so much to each and every one of you for taking such good care of me.


I never thought much about how I liked my smile. I’v never had a cavity and my teeth are straight, so it’s been a non-issue most of my life. It wasn’t until my first appointment with Dr. Adamidis that I realized there was something I have neglected to fix. Included in the new patient paperwork was a Smile Form, which asked probing questions regarding your perspective of your own smile. I wrote about a chipped incisor bonded as a teenager that had an obvious crack line. After reviewing my form Dr. Adamidis discussed my options for repairing it at the end of my visit. His great staff fit me in the next week for the procedure. Using the computer design CEREC technology he designed a custom tooth that completely match the shade of my teeth and the form of the opposing incisor. I’m a physician that gets to play with cool toys, but even I was impressed with the tech. He makes a 3D image of your teeth and then uses the computer generated model to shape the crown to your surrounding teeth. I then got to watch my new tooth be milled out of a block of porcelain. It only tooth 5 min for the machine to whittle the block into the tooth he designed. The fitting and polishing only tooth about 45 min, so in total I was there for a little over 2 hours. The whole experience was fantastic. Dr. Adamidis was happy to discuss the technology he was using. You can tell he is very proud of the service he offers his patients, as he should be. A process that used to take multiple visits now only takes a couple of hours. His staff was great as well. They are genuinely nice people that are incredibly efficient. It’s nice to have a provider that doesn’t waste your time, but still takes the time to give you proper care.

Manoj Doss

Dr. Adamidis is an OUTSTANDING Dentist!! He really cares about his patients. I had a huge dental problem and I knew Dr. Adamidis could fix it. He is understanding, professional, and he absolutely knows what he is doing. He treats all his patients with tremendous care and concern and treats everybody like a human being. He is a perfect example of a human being, and the greatest dentist in the whole state of CT and beyond. Thank you Dr. Adamidis for all you have done for me!! I will continue to recommend people to you.

Karen Ouellette

I am always impressed by the attentive receptionists and the welcoming environment and, in particular, by the impeccable care I receive from Newington Family Dentistry clinical associates. On a personal level, I am at a loss for words to characterize how Dr. Simanovich’s intelligence, poise and pleasant personality always instills in me a feeling of absolute confidence during my many office visits when I receive treatment from you directly. In my experience, the exceptional quality of your evident caring and your command of the highest professional standards is very difficult to find in another doctor. Everyone is so nice. I rate this office a A+ A+ A+


Care and Professionalism Few words describe this office the best-great patient care, professionalism, qualification and constant innovation.I have visited dentist offices in Europe and some southern states of America, but I truly can say that I had my best experience here. After only two visits I know that my husband and I have great family dentist already. Everyone is very friendly and the most important – they don’t treat you as number or last name – they treat you as person and actually care (a lot of doctors and dentist offices lost that conception recently). I am even not scared from dentists anymore and that is great!


Offers Latest Technology Dr. Adamidis is passionate about the dental work he does. He is one of eight dentists in the state of Connecticut that offers the latest laser technology for treating periodontal disease: LANAP, which has been shown to reduce pocket depth by half creating an atmosphere for the body to regrow bone. I recently had this “no cut no sew” painless procedure done at his office. Dr. Adamidis and his staff were very knowledgeable, caring, non-judgmental, and compassionate. If you have mild to severe periodontal disease, I urge you to contact him to learn more about the benefits of LANAP.

Brenda J.

Outstanding!!! I have been going to Newington Family Dentistry for many years now, and I cant say enough about Dr. Adamidis. He is really the best dentist there is, and he really does care about his patients. He is a wonderful human being. I would never go anywhere else. He is very professional, and polite, just the greatest dentist. Everyone who works in his office is so nice to me when I come in. I have and I will continue to recomend everybody to go there. Thank you Dr. Adamidis for being the best!!!

Karen Ouellette

Dentistry at Its Best I just returned from Newington Family Dentistry and was so impressed with the state-of-the-art technology that is in the office. My new cap was created on a 3D digital imaging machine and actually created right in the office while I waited. The office staff are friendly, caring and professional while the dentistry was like a robotic magic show that fit my tooth perfectly. You should consider changing to Dr. Adamidis and find out how gentle and up-to-date dentistry really is.


Twenty years ago I decided to make Dr. Twenty years ago I decided to make Dr. Adamidis my Dental Care physician because of his reputation in advanced technology. I knew then that I would eventually need full upper and lower porcelain crowns and wanted to make sure that when I was ready Dr. Adamidis was familiar with my dental needs. That time came last year and I have to admire Dr. Adamidis for his caring and professionalism. He and his experienced staff not only made a difficult few months ( 9-10 hour days) bearable but made sure that I ended up with the smile I have always wanted.