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Dental Microscope

Prevention and Early Diagnosis with Microscope Dentistry

Our dentists are committed to offering our patients the best dental care available. We work hard to stay at the forefront of technological advances. As such, we are proud to offer our patients the valuable service of dental microscopy.

What is Dental Microscopy?

As the name implies, dental microscopy or microscope dentistry involves the use of a dental microscope to examine the teeth and oral structures.

With microscope dentistry, we are able to detect problems before they are visible to the naked eye. As we are committed to preventive dentistry, the dental microscope is an invaluable addition to our toolbox for early diagnosis and treatment. With this advantage, we are able to detect any issues and proceed with treatment well before your situation becomes a real problem.

Is Microscope Enhanced Dentistry Widely Available?

Fewer than 1% of dentists in the US are currently offering surgical quality microscope dentistry as part of their diagnostic and treatment services.

The device used is the same type of microscope that is commonly used by surgeons and medical specialists and provides many times more magnification than is available with the typical dental loupes (magnification glasses). The result is a more precise, thorough treatment. We can see your gums, teeth, and oral structures at different levels of magnification (up to 18 times) by simply turning the knob.