Invisalign Orthodontics in Newington CTWhat do you know about Invisalign therapy? Perhaps you already know that it straightens the teeth invisibly and that it is a remarkably improved orthodontic alternative to traditional braces. However, there’s more to Invisalign than just these things. Here are some facts that we think you should know about Invisalign before deciding upon this treatment. As trusted dentists in Newington, CT, we want you to make well-informed decisions so you won’t say in the end, “I wish I knew…”

What Invisalign Therapy Involves

Invisalign is a patented brand-name coined from the words “invisible” and “align”. This is because being completely transparent is the greatest benefit of Invisalign; it’s what most patients love about it. Unlike traditional orthodontics which involves the placement of wires and brackets on your teeth, Invisalign therapy makes use of clear plastic removable aligners. These aligners come as a customized set and must be worn in sequence. Your dentist will tell you which aligner to use first and for how long this must be worn. Typically, an aligner is used for 14 days before the patient proceeds to the next aligner in the set. The number of aligners varies among patients, depending on the severity of misalignment. Treatment is completed when all the aligners have been used.

Invisalign is Right for You if…

  • You are committed to follow the treatment plan religiously
  • You make sure that you wear your series of aligners in the correct order and sequence
  • You are prepared to take a certain amount of responsibility and be disciplined during the entire course of treatment
  • You can take good care of your Invisalign aligners
  • You are prepared to wear your aligner for at least 22 hours daily

What the Aligners Feel Like

Invisalign aligners are made of smooth, flexible plastic, so they’re very comfortably inside the mouth. Speaking and smiling with your aligners will be very natural.

Invisalign Aligners Must be Removed Prior to Meals and Prior to Brushing or Flossing the Teeth

This allows you to enjoy all your favorite dishes because you won’t be wearing your aligner while you eat. This also makes brushing and flossing so much easier than traditional orthodontics, because the aligner is brushed separately. There won’t be eating or hygiene limitations with Invisalign.

Invisalign Requires Fewer, Quicker Office Visits than Traditional Braces

This is because the aligners have been pre-designed; thus, needing no adjustments under normal circumstances. Patients will only need to visit their Invisalign provider once a month to check on the progress being made. This means that you will be spending less time in the dentist’s chair than you would with traditional orthodontics. Office visits that are few and far between mean Invisalign is a convenient orthodontic solution.

Visit Newington Family Dentistry for Invisalign in Newington, CT

Another thing that you should know about Invisalign is that the best results are achieved when you’ve chosen skilled, experienced Invisalign providers. Dr. Aurora Dibner is a well-trained, highly experienced Invisalign dentist – someone whom you can trust to do an outstanding job with your teeth. Contact us to schedule your consultation today!

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