Digital 3-D X-Rays

In keeping with the tradition of offering you the best and most up-to-date procedures in dental care, Newington Family Dentistry is proud to offer you the very latest version of digital 3-D x-rays in Newington, CT. This digital 3-D imaging system provides our team with the most accurate technology for precision in diagnostics and treatment planning. Our investment in modern technologies is just one way we can show you our dedication and commitment to quality, excellent dental care. When paired with the skill of our experienced dentist, this technology can help us provide you with dental care that is unrivaled anywhere.

Digital 3-D imaging offers our dental professionals, as well as our patients, so many benefits. The user interface is easy to understand and follow. Drs. Dibner and Adamidis are able to see a patient’s teeth and oral structures with more detail and accuracy than ever before, which allows for a better, more thorough diagnosis and treatment plan for optimizing your dental health. Beyond the accuracy, unique view, and high resolution of images provided by our imaging system, another benefit to patients is that this system requires only a very low exposure to radiation.

Digital imaging is an amazingly helpful tool for various dental procedures such as implant restorations, gum analysis and treatment, orthodontic evaluations and endodontic concerns. Because nothing is left hidden from the dentist when this imaging system is used, your treatment can be more complete, with fewer surprises for your dental practitioners. This type of x-rays reveals the exact placement and positioning of your teeth with a greater degree of accuracy than traditional 2-d radiographs. This enables our experienced dental team to evaluate each patient and determine exactly which procedures will be the most effective for optimum oral health.

In addition, digital x-rays are the perfect visual aid when Dr. Adamidis or Dr. Dibner is explaining your condition and the recommended treatment options. Answers to your questions can be better explained with our new 3-D system. When you are offered this realistic perspective of your dental health during the initial consultation, you will be more fully aware of your needs and requirements. We feel that an educated patient is best able to make the right dental health choices, and the added dimension that our digital 3-D imaging system provides ensures that you are presented with the most complete assessment of your condition that is available to dental patients today. You can truly make well-informed decisions about the dental treatment you want to receive.

We, at Newington Family Dentistry, strive to be at the forefront of modern, advanced dental care. We believe that innovation, precision and accuracy lead to the best diagnoses of your oral health. Digital x-rays help us perform a wide array of dental services with excellence. Contact us today and let us show you the full benefits of digital 3-D imaging.