Dental Implants in Newington, CT Echo Technologies of Long Ago

Dental Implants in Newington CTSometimes, losing teeth is just a fact of life. This was even more true in ancient times, when people had not yet learned the methods we use today that help us preserve out teeth for most of, if not all, our entire lifetimes. However, that’s not to say that ancient people did not have ways to replace teeth.

Some examples of ancient tooth replacements


  • As far back as 500 BCE, the Etruscans were fabricating replacement teeth out of human or animal teeth.

  • Throughout history, false teeth have been made of those materials, as well as ivory and precious metals. Dentures were the most popular tooth replacements in antiquity.

  • There is evidence that the Maya may have practiced the art of dental implantation as early as 600 CE.

No, you didn’t read that last one wrong.


In 1931 an excavation of Mayan ruins yielded a jawbone that appears to be the oldest known incidence of dental implantation. The bone, which is a lower jawbone that probably belonged to a young woman, exhibits three tooth-shaped pieces of sea shell implanted into the sockets of three lower incisors.


For about 40 years, archaeologists believed that these shells had been placed in the dead woman’s mouth post-mortem. But in 1970, Brazilian dental academic Professor Amadeo Bobbio examined the mandible, took radiographs, and studied the structures. He eventually concluded from the structures of bone growth that the shells were actually teeth replacements that had been placed during life. This is the earliest known instance of dental implants!


What About Modern Dental Implants?


As you probably suspect, modern dental implants don’t use seashells or animal ivory the way tooth replacements of the past did. Through scientific experimentation of another subject, in the 1950s, researchers discovered that when titanium is implanted into bone, a process called osseointegration occurs and the bone essentially fuses to the titanium. Dental implants rely on this property to be successful. The artificial tooth sits on a titanium screw that has osseointegrated with the bone. This creates a stable base for a highly functional artificial tooth that requires the same maintenance as your natural teeth, simple brushing and flossing, with regular visits to the dentist for cleaning and checkups.


Dental Implants in Newington, CT.


A consultation with Dr. Dibner will determine whether you are a good candidate for dental implants or if another form of tooth replacement is right for you. Missing teeth don’t have to be a problem, modern dental solutions can provide you with a tooth replacement that rivals the real thing! Call (860) 666-7910 for more information today!

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